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Healthy Vegetarian Burgers

Hey everyone! As a trusty McDonalds employee, I like to think I know a thing or two about burgers. These burgers however are nothing like a big mac, quarter pounder or a grand angus. They are FAR healthier and FAR … Continue reading

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Cheat Meal Of The Week-Spiced Pear And Apple Pie With Homemade Pastry

Hey guys! I have decided to put a healthy spin on this blog, because that is exactly what I’m attempting to do to my lifestyle! However we have all had those fad diets that we have tried and given up … Continue reading

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Healthy Spiced Carrot Dip

We all know it has been far too long without a blog post from me,  being a 16 year old kid tends to get in the way! But that’s enough excuses! Thank you Miss Hannah Jayne for inspiring me to … Continue reading

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Apple Pie

Hello again This week I’m bringing you a recipe that I think is perfect for winter. Its warm and hearty, has some cinnamon spice and a crispy top. I cheated a little bit using shop bought pastry, but my puff … Continue reading

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Super Creamy Spicy Easy Pumpkin Soup

Hello again! It’s getting very cold now that winter is progressing so I thought I’d bring you this one! This recipe is a no brainer and cannot go wrong, it can be a little spicy due to the curry powder … Continue reading

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Rustic, Vibrant Roast Beetroot Dip

Hello again! I come bearing new recipes. On Saturday I went to the farmers market and came across these lovely purple beetroots and immediately knew what to do with them. Today’s recipe is a beetroot dip that packs a punch. … Continue reading

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Basic Indian Curry

Hello everyone! This is the first time I have tried to create my own recipe, I also don’t have much experience with curries so I had to do some research. For me it is a very daunting task to create … Continue reading

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